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Alicia Silverstone

    Image Source: ravenu, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons


    Alicia Silverstone Nude


    Alicia Silverstone is an American actress, author, animals rights activist, and producer with blue eyes and naturally brown hair, although very light brown. She is best known for her work in iconic role as Cher Horowitz in the comedy tv show “Clueless”. Alicia also played Batgirl in Batman & Robin in 1997. As you’ll learn in this article, Alicia Silverstone has posed fully nude in front of the camera many times. 

    How old is Alicia Silverstone?

    Born in 1976 in San Francisco, California, Alicia Silverstone is a caucasian 47 year old American actress.

    What is Alicia Silverstone’s bra size/cup size?

    She measures at a cup size/bra size of 38A or 85A (EU) 

    What is Alicia Silverstone’s height and measurements?

    Alicia Silverstone is 5’5”, and has a waist size of 24 in/61 cm and a hips size of 33 in/86cm. She weighs in at 126 pounds or 57kg.

    Alicia Silverstone Net Worth as of 2023:

    Alicia Silverstone, being an esteemed actress and well-known animal rights activist and producer, has a net worth of $20 Million as of 2023. Alicia Silverstone Siblings:

    Alicia Silverstone’s siblings include her older brother, David Silverstone, and a half sister from her father’s previous marriage, Kezi Silverstone.

    Alicia Silverstone Movies and Tv Shows That She is Nude in (Are there any videos of Alicia Silverstone nude):

    Yes, there are many times that Alicia Silverstone has appeared naked. Continue reading and you’ll learn all of the times the public eye has seen Alicia SIlverstone nude.

    Alicia Silverstone Nude Scene #1 – Alicia Silverstone as Kate Fox in “Miss Match” (2003), topless scenes, nudity

    In “Miss Match”, a popular NBC drama television series, Alicia Silverstone played Kate Fox, a charismatic divorce lawyer. In the series, Kate also toyed with taking on the role of a matchmaker for her clients. 

    In one of the episodes, Kate Fox, again played by Alicia Silverstone, took another character in the show back to the candle-lit bedroom. As things got increasingly spicy between the two characters, they stripped away their clothes to continue escalating things. As the episode carries on, the audience is given a clear view of Alicia Silverstone nude. Although, from the waist-up, it is assumed that she is completely nude given the context of the episode.

    There is a very interesting cinematic choice that was done for these explicit scenes, though. What the director did, or at the very least one of the film crew staff members did, was veil the camera behind a curtain. This gives an obscured view of what is going on behind the curtain, but clear enough to understand what is happening. This was an excellent strategic decision because it could allow Alicia to not have to show her entire body as plain as daylight, but the idea of it falls flat, as anybody that is curious, horny, or otherwise had a serious enough to desire to see Alicia Silverstone’s tits, it’s not that difficult to screencap the scene and zoom in on her boobs. 

    What would have been a much better idea for this scene to maintain Silverstone’s privacy would’ve been to have her still wearing a bra… Seriously, there is no need for her to be completely topless in this scene when it’s supposed to be obscured anyways and the difference between bra or no bra makes ZERO difference as a thematic device for storytelling. She shouldn’t have been made to go nude.

    It’s surprising that this scene even aired, given how revealing of a scene it is. It could just be that that’s the entire reason for the curtain in the first place: as to not show “excessive” nudity and break the rules of NBC or another organizations’ regulations set upon NBC. Regardless, making Alicia Silverstone nude was pointless for the shot and was just unnecessary. 

    Alicia Silverstone Nude Scene #2 – Alicia Silverstone as herself in “” Commercial (2007)

    The commercial is for, a website that is dedicated to providing resources such as FAQ, recipes, and other helpful videos for vegetarians and vegans, or people looking into that kind of lifestyle. The website’s resources are provided by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA. 

    The commercial prominently showcases Alicia Silverstone nude, as she splashes around and emerges from a swimming pool. She gives several sexy glares to the camera and the commercial is obviously intended to allure a certain audience…

    This commercial is kind of infuriating, there is literally zero reason for Alicia Silverstone to be nude in it. It’s understandable WHY she’s in it, because she herself is a vegetarian, which she clearly states in the video, but WHY IS SHE NUDE? 

    It would be one thing if she was showcasing her fit body to show the multitude of health benefits to being a vegetarian, as a way to say “Hey! Look how athletic and well toned my body is! You see this? If you want this too, you could follow my lead and be a vegetarian too!” That kind of commercial would make FAR more sense.

    But no, what we got is Silverstone flaunting her tits and ass for the camera to promote… veganism? Sorry, what? It just doesn’t make sense, the connection isn’t there. Now, this isn’t meant as an attack on Alicia, she is an actress and an activist for this kind of thing and that’s totally understandable. It’s just that the execution of the commercial could’ve been far better with one small tweak. 

    She is fully nude, so her ass is literally completely visible from the back in one scene. Did they really have to get Alicia Silverstone naked for this commercial? To be fair, her butt is the explicit body part visible in this commercial, as they shot the commercial with clever camera angles to hide everything else. So props for that. However, it’s still unsettling because it’s unclear who the target audience of this commercial is. Horny men don’t exactly match up with the target demographic of vegans and vegetarians, when 79 percent of vegans ARE WOMEN!

    Alicia Silverstone Nude Scene #3 – Alicia Silverstone as Jennifer in “The Babysitter” (1995)

    In “The Babysitter”, Alicia Silverstone played Jennifer, a highly attractive babysitter for a couple. She ends up becoming a huge sexual fantasy for several male characters in the film, who, throughout the film, often daydreamed about having sexual interactions with her. The pursuers become increasingly forceful as the film continues. 

    This whole movie feels like a weird creepy fever dream and paints men in a highly perverted light, as every man in the film wants to fuck Alicia Silverstone’s character. Each prominent male character has these daydream scenes, imagining Alicia Silverstone nude in the bathtub and a sexual fantasy revolving around that. This is essentially the entire movie, leading up to the guys trying to carry out these fantasies in real life, only to be brought back down to Earth and have their dreams completely squandered, because Jennifer, Alicia Silverstone’s character, is not just an object for sex, but a living breathing human that shuts down these insane lustful sex scenarios. 

    Perhaps that’s what this film is trying to convey, the struggle of men between their hormonal fantasies vs reality. And perhaps the tragic ending is supposed to represent the aftermath of trying to carry out these heinous fantasies in reality.

    Or maybe it’s supposed to focus on, rather than the man’s perspective, the woman’s perspective, where it’s portraying how a young woman can simply be going day by day, innocently through her life, and easily become the unwarranted lustful target of many men.

    The idea is interesting and complex, but the movie failed to execute it exceptionally. It feels more like they just slapped Alicia Silverstone nude into a bathtub, and created a whole film revolving around that, even going as far as to nearly encourage the VIEWER to start fantasizing about her, which almost certainly, for many, this worked successfully. 

    Shooting the film in a way that has the audience fantasizing about Alicia Silverstone nude and in a sexual manner undermines the entire supposed premise of the movie.

    However, credit will be given where it is due. The audience never fully sees Alicia Silverstone nude, only partially. While she is technically completely naked in the scenes, she is covered by bath bubbles, so she is still covered up. As other actresses have been pressured to appear fully nude in front of the camera in other films, film crew could’ve made her do the same. Fortunately, it seems this was not the case.

    Alicia Silverstone Nude Appearance #4 – Alicia Silverstone Nude for PETA ad (2019 & 2022)

    As mentioned earlier, Alicia Silverstone appeared nude for a vegan activism commercial before, so this is nothing new. However, these two PETA campaigns feature much more recent photos of Alicia Silverstone nude.

    The first campaign, launched in 2019, showed Alicia Silverstone naked, baring it all in what appears to be a forest. Her back is facing the camera and her butt is fully on display. The campaign reads “I’d rather go naked than wear wool.”

    It’s unclear whether this ad is intended to arouse or simply if her nudeness is being used as a strategic shock value tactic. If it’s the latter, this makes at least a bit more sense than her previous commercial in 2007 where it’s blatantly obvious the commercial was intended to be as sexy as possible.

    Three years later in 2022, Alicia Silverstone posed nude yet again for PETA. In this campaign, Silverstone is standing in front of a large cactus wearing only faux leather boots. She is covering her private parts with her hands. The campaign banner reads “Don’t be a prick, wear vegan” as well as “Buy cactus, mushroom, or apple leather instead!”

    Again, this campaign makes more sense than the overtly sexual commercial, but still doesn’t quite make total sense. The only plausible reason why PETA would need to feature Alicia Silverstone nude in their campaign would be for shock factor and to drum up buzz. 

    If this works, that’s fine, but it feels like people will come and look, probably mostly males that have no interest in veganism or wearing vegan, then leave. A far better way of going about this could be to also include more details about cactus leather, apple leather, and/or mushroom leather.

    Most people that would actually consider switching to wearing vegan, statistically women, probably wouldn’t care about seeing Alicia Silverstone nude but would be more intrigued, fascinated and curious about what those types of leathers are and how they look. Hell, if they really wanted to keep that risque revealing element to it, they could’ve showcased Alicia Silverstone in a skin-tight leather jumpsuit made of cactus, apple or mushroom leather.

    It would’ve accomplished the same thing, would’ve drummed up buzz the same, and would’ve shown the similarity in quality of one of these leathers to actual leather. It was really a missed opportunity, as the boots Alicia is wearing in the campaign photo ARE made of vegan leather, but they’re obscured at the bottom of the photo AND behind text. So you can’t even see them or judge their likeness to cow leather.

    Alicia Silverstone Nude Esque Appearance – Nipslip – See Thru Dress at 19th Annual Genesis Awards (2005)

    The Genesis Awards are an awards ceremony held in celebration of those in the news and entertainment industries raising public awareness of animal cruelty issues.

    Alicia Silverstone attended several before but she specifically attended the 19th annual Genesis Awards in 2005. The reason this specific one is brought up is because what she wore to it left NOTHING to the imagination in regards to Silverstone’s body.

    The yellow  dress she wore to this ceremony was so thin and sheer, you can see right through it and directly see her nipples. Alicia Silverstone’s boobs are completely visible, as she did not wear a bra. 

    Why she would attend a ceremony like this, in such a sheer and revealing outfit, knowing there would be tons of cameras, who knows… It’s debatable that she’s not even wearing any panties! That part of the dress is a LITTLE more obscured, though. 

    Alicia Silverstone Hot Topics:

    Alicia Silverstone posed for FHM magazine several times in the early 2000s. She is seen not completely nude, but still striking sexy poses in just a t-shirt and panties. She has also done other men’s magazine photoshoots as well, again without a bra.

    Alicia Silverstone’s Thoughts About Her Nude Images

    In a video with Alicia Silverstone, the actress states that she never goes naked for the camera. This article begs to differ… Alicia states in the PETA video “I never ever get naked, in TV, in film, nothing. Never. Nope. But I’ve done it for PETA, ‘cause that’s how much it matters to me.”

    Alicia clearly doesn’t have a problem being completely naked for the camera if it’s for the right cause. She has also stated “If it takes me getting naked for you to care about animals, then that is what I’m after.” and “I’d rather go naked than wear animals.”


    In conclusion, the people have seen Alicia Silverstone nude several times over the years, although never completely revealed, unlike Sydney Sweeney. Alicia Silverstone seems to want to use her nudity in precise, carefully and strategically placed ways to draw attention to a cause. Even if the connection isn’t one hundred percent there, the buzz generated by it may at least get a few people to consider switching to a vegan lifestyle.

    Alicia Silverstone has stripped multiple times now for PETA. It’s possible that PETA will escalate things and in the next ad the world will FULLY see Alicia Silverstone nude.

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