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Melissa Joan Hart

    Image Source: Wolfvonder, CC BY 3.0, Cropped , via Wikimedia Commons

    Melissa Joan Hart Nude


    Melissa Joan Hart is an American actress, director and producer with blue eyes and naturally blonde hair. She is best known for her work in “Clarissa Explains It All”, the live action version of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, “Melissa & Joey” and “Holiday in Handcuffs”. As you’ll learn in this article, none of these titles have featured Melissa Joan Hart nude, but that’s not to say she’s never bared it all in front of the camera before.

    How old is Melissa Joan Hart?

    Born in 1976 in Spokane, Washington, Melissa Joan Hart is a caucasian 47 year old American actress.

    What is Melissa Joan Hart’s bra size/cup size?

    She measures at a cup size/bra size of 32B. 

    What is Melissa Joan Hart’s height and measurements?

    Melissa Joan Hart is 5’2”, and has a waist size of 25 in/64 cm and a hips size of 35 in/89cm. She weighs 121 pounds or 55kg.

    Melissa Joan Hart Net Worth as of 2023:

    Melissa Joan Hart, being a well-known esteemed actress and businesswoman, has a net worth of $17 Million as of 2023. 

    Melissa Joan Hart Siblings:

    Melissa Joan Hart’s siblings include her sister Elizabeth Hart, her other sister Trisha Hart, and her last sister Emily Hart. Melissa Joan Hart’s fourth full-blood sibling is Brian Hart. Melissa also has three step siblings, her half sisters Alexandra Hart, Samantha Hart, and Mackenzie Hart.

    Melissa Joan Hart Movies and Tv Shows That She is Nude in (Are there any videos of Melissa Joan Hart nude):

    Not technically, there are currently no known appearances of Melissa Joan Hart nude. Well, not truly nude anyways. However, some photos of Melissa Joan Hart almost nude do exist.

    Melissa Joan Hart Nude Esque Scene #1 – Melissa Joan Hart as Melissa in “Melissa & Joey” (2014), no nude scenes

    One of the more notable works that Melissa Joan Hart has been in is her work in “Melissa and Joey”.

    In one scene in an episode of “Melissa and Joey”, specifically season 4 episode 3, Melissa and Joey get back to their bedroom. As things heat up between the two of them, Melissa Joan Hart begins to undress, but not to the point where she’s entirely nude. She undresses to a lingerie outfit she’s been wearing underneath her clothes the entire time.

    In the scene where she’s wearing lingerie, she reveals a lot of skin, particularly her breasts. As they joke about having sex with each other, they are suddenly swarmed by a group of mosquitoes, ending the scene.

    This scene is not overtly sexual, even though the whole premise of the scene is that it was leading up to sex. The directors and writers for this show did a good job not making the scene too sexualized. This might be due to the fact that Melissa Joan Hart is actually a writer on the show. Oftentimes, in less fortunate circumstances, actresses are forced to strip down to the nude to act in certain scenes, especially sexual scenes. All too often, they are uncomfortable with doing so, but do so anyway in fear they might lose their job. 

    Thankfully, it seems the script did not call to showcase Melissa Joan Hart nude.

    Melissa Joan Hart Nude Scene #2 – Melissa Joan Hart as Holly Washburn in “Rent Control” (2003), sex scene

    Melissa Joan Hart starred in a 2003 film titled “Rent Control”, playing the role of Holly Washburn, the main protagonist. In “Rent Control”,’ Holly and Calvin compete for an apartment they both want in New York City, leading to an unexpected living arrangement. As the movie progresses, they both go through a journey of friendship, love, and personal growth.

    Surprisingly, this movie actually DOES feature Melissa Joan Hart nude! Well, at least topless. However, her nudity is not quite visible to the camera. 

    Melissa is only shown nude in one scene in the film. In this scene, she is making out with another character in the film, Calvin, played by Ryan Browning. Her boob is slightly visible in this scene, but the scene is shot from behind, so all you really see is her back.

    There are admittedly some other scenes in the film where Melissa is wearing an open button up with no bra or shirt underneath. It reveals a good amount of sideboob. 

    Melissa Joan Hart Nude Esque Scenes #3 – Bikini Scene – Melissa Joan Hart as Nicole Maris in “Drive Me Crazy” (1999)

    In “Drive Me Crazy”, Hart plays Nicole Maris, a popular high school girl who unexpectedly gets dumped by her boyfriend, Brad Sheldon, (played by Gabriel Carpenter). In an effort to make him jealous, Nicole pretends to date her next door neighbor and childhood friend, Chase Hammond (played by Adrian Grenier).
    In this film, Melissa is shown several times in multiple bikinis that leave little to the imagination. In one scene, she was sunbathing and soaking up some rays on a towel with her friend in the movie. In another, she was getting out of bed and only had a bra on. Finally, she also had another scene where she was wearing her bikini with a lace coverup over the top of it as she spoke to another friend. In this film, Melissa was 23 years old. 

    Melissa Joan Hart Nude Esque Scenes – Melissa Joan Hart as Susan Clarkson in “Two Came Back” (1997)

    In “Two Came Back,” Susan Clarkson, played by Melissa Joan Hart, joins Jason, played by Jonathan Brandis, to deliver a yacht to a buyer. However, the story takes a turn when bad weather causes the yacht to sink. The crew, now stranded on a mere dinghy, face the elements without food, water, or supplies. They also have to battle the constant threat of sharks. It becomes a desperate battle for survival as the crew fights their way back to safety and try to return home.

    As this film takes place on a cruise, it is absolutely littered with scenes of Melissa Joan Hart wearing little to nothing. In many scenes she is wearing a small bra top, displaying her massive cleavage. She once again sunbathes with a friend, but this time wearing a one piece bikini. This sexy bikini is completely skin-tight and displays all of Melissa’s curves and figure. This might be as close as we get to seeing Melissa Joan Hart nude. If not, she also has another scene in the film where she is lying in a bed of clothes wearing just a yellow bra and some pants. Not entirely sure why she’s practically naked when she’s lying on a bed of clothes. This film does not feature Melissa Joan Hart nude, though.

    Melissa Joan Hart Nipslip – See Thru top at Motorola 3rd Annual Holiday Party (2001)

    The Motorola Annual Holiday Party is an event hosted by Motorola, a prominent telecommunications company. This event takes place yearly and serves as a delightful celebration during the holiday season, uniting employees, clients, and other stakeholders for an evening filled with joy and camaraderie. Like any good party, it features lively music, beverages, and food. The event fosters a sense of community, providing an opportunity for the Motorola family to come together, unwind, and revel in the festive spirit of the holiday season.
    Melissa Joan Hart was an attendee of this event during the third time Motorola held it. She wore a sheer black turtleneck shirt to the event. For some reason, Hart did NOT wear a bra to this event. In pictures of the event, you can practically see Melissa Joan Hart nude. The sheerness of the turtleneck leaves nothing to the imagination of the shape and size of her boobs and you can clearly see her nipples through the shirt.
    It’s quite disturbing that she would wear such a skimpy outfit that renders her practically naked because she was in no way single and actually had a boyfriend at the time. That boyfriend being Bryan Kirkwood. In fact, she even brought him to the event! It’s possible that Bryan did not mind or even encouraged Melissa to wear such an outfit. Or maybe it was a complete oversight, and Melissa did not mean to reveal that much. If this was the case, though, it begs the question, why wouldn’t she wear a bra? And why has she stated she wishes she could wear bras less again? It certainly seems like she likes to show off…

    Melissa Joan Hart Nipslip – See Thru Sheer Dress at American Music Awards

    Once again, Melissa Joan Hart has proved that she likes to show off her body. At the American Music Awards, Melissa Joan Hart wore a dress that was VERY see-thru. She did not wear a bra, again. The dress was so sheer that you can see her tits clear as day. Her nipples are very visible. The fabric of the dress is so light and transparent, she might as well not even worn it… This is truly the closest we will get to seeing Melissa Joan Hart nude. 

    There is certainly no denying that Melissa Joan Hart was very proud of her body and had no problem with flaunting it to the world. She must’ve had immense confidence in herself to be that daring in public, and at an awards ceremony no less.

    Melissa Joan Hart Hot Topics:

    Melissa Joan Hart wore a semi-sheer crop top to the Scorched premiere in Cannes, which displayed not only her boobs but her midriff as well. This is because she went completely braless and the top was a crop top. Aside from her playboy shoots, her wearing see-thru tops seems to be the closest thing we will get to seeing Melissa Joan Hart nude. Melissa Joan Hart seems to have no qualms about displaying her tits. She had the following to say about it:

    “I was so proud because Joan Rivers said something about Best Dressed. I was, like, over the moon happy that she liked it. This is a custommade Eduardo Lucero top and a pair of whatever the jeans were at the time. I just loved that top. No bra, which I wish I could do again. Three kids, my boobs do not stand up like that.”

    Maxim, an international men’s magazine, also managed to get Melissa Joan Hart nude. After a night of partying and exploring the PlayBoy mansion, Melissa Joan Hart posed nude for Maxim magazine. The shoot was an all day shoot. She was captured and put in the magazine in many different poses, and a few different outfits. She wore just some lacey underwear in some, and wore absolutely nothing in another, holding only a towel over her bare breasts, revealing massive sideboob.

    Melissa Joan Hart’s Thoughts about her Nude Images

    Melissa Joan Hart has discussed her nude and underwear shots for Maxim magazine. She has stated, in an exclusive interview with FoxNews, that “despite feeling like her world was over at the time, she now has no regrets over posing in her underwear for a Maxim magazine campaign.” She has also stated that she was almost fired from her star role as Sabrina in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” as well as sued for potential contract breach.

    Reportedly, from Melissa’s book, “Melissa Explains It All” Hart explains that she had been partying at the playboy mansion the night before and got a little too carried away, even going as far as to doing some ecstasy and making out with another girl in the back of a limo! When she did the photoshoot, Melissa admits that she was still coming down from the high. Talk about a roller coaster of a week!


    In conclusion, it seems that Melissa Joan Hart is a free-spirited woman who enjoys flaunting her body, but still refuses to do so completely nude, which is respectable. She seems to used to go braless often and does not mind being a sexy face and body for people to ogle over. Will we ever see Melissa Joan Hart nude? If she has not done it yet and refuses to go braless now because her boobs aren’t as perky, it’s unlikely she will ever pose nude.

    If you liked this blonde girl, check out Sydney Sweeney, another American actress with a history of nudity.

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